Homes that
feel like home

If our customers walk through their door and feel at home, like they belong, then we’ve done something right.

We believe that where you live matters hugely. Your home is not just an asset. It’s where you spend your life; your best days and your worst days. It needs to make sense. To work as it should. Have all the modern comforts but remain true to its original beauty and heritage.

That’s why we work at the intersection of architecture and interior design; renovating Victorian and Georgian homes from start to finish. This means our clients don’t have to lift a finger, manage multiple suppliers or be bothered by logistics. It also means that we can ensure every building project stays in keeping and nothing jars the eye or the mind.

Creating environments where people feel truly at home is what we aim for.

That’s the soul of our work.


Our background

We began in 2008 but our founder, Mark Lewis, has been ‘making decisions with his eyes’ his whole life, beginning as an informal fashion advisor to his mum, age 8.

Thanks to hard work and hard-won expertise, we have grown from a one-man band into the small firm we are today. In 2017, we launched our bespoke home range, making our designs available to everyone, not just clients.

As we evolve, we are increasingly excited by the possibilities of sustainable building materials and techniques to enhance our designs.


As seen in . . . 

Our work has been featured in Elle Decor and Remodelista, as well as Architectural Digest and Living etc. Which is fantastic. But it’s the kind words of our customers that make the obsessing over every detail worth it.


"Our clients say"

"Mark has an enviable instinct for style and a meticulous eye for detail. The results were beyond what we could have imagined. What is more of a surprise is how amazing it can look at the same time as being the working family home we need it to be.  It functions brilliantly and we would not change a thing. He is also a great project manager - it was a very smooth and calm experience. We definitely would not embark on a project again without him on board. We’ve been back in our house for just over a year now and we still love the new layout / design. It works perfectly.”

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Let's work together

We love to hear about new projects. CLICK HERE to tell us about what you’ve got planned and we’ll suggest how we can help create a home you’ll love living in.




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